Sunday, 20 July 2008

Vivek Shraya

OK this man contacted me via his MySpace, basically in a bid to be included in this very blog and it's the best offer of it's kind that I've had! A few days after being contacted, I had a shiny new CD in the post! (This blogging malarkey is turning out better than I thought eh?)

In my opinion, he's the best electro artist to come out of Canada since Tiga (bear in mind, I'm not actually aware of very many other electro artists hailing from Canada).

The man seems to be positioned as an even-cooler Calvin Harris, or as a Sam Sparro without all the pointing towards his penis (what is that all about?) And lets, be honest, Vivek is actually quite fit, which is very important in the grand scheme of things. His musical style is electropop with big squelchy synths, immaculate vocals and the occasional glam-rock guitar stab. The resulting sound is left-field without losing its pop sensibilities. And no, he does not sound like Goldfrapp.

Vivek seems to be getting some publicity out of the fact that he's covered Seven Nation Army (who hasn't?) but in this case, he's actually made the song sound even better than the original.

So here I present for your delectation, a pair of tracks from the lovely Vivek.

Download: Vivek Shraya - Scratch
Download: Vivek Shraya ft Sara Quin - Your Name

Visit: His myspace
Vivek Shraya Official Website - You can also buy his CDs here.

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