Wednesday, 30 July 2008


OK, so who said this blog had to only be about new music?

Many of you will have heard of Mantronix before, even if it's just for their biggest hit Got To Have Your Love (later covered by Liberty X). Mantronix are an Electro band who survived with a few lineup changes from 1984-91 and are Electro in the original sense of the word meaning rap music with an electronic backing. This was breaking the mould at the time when rappers seemed to be doing nothing but chopping up James Brown songs to rap over.

Based around the production of Kurtis Mantronik, the band successfully carved their own niche back in the day as a nice link between Afrika Bambaataa and the New Jack music of the day. Since then, they've been sampled by such luminaries as the Beastie Boys, Beck and many others.

Around 1985, Mantronik himself begann working on A&R at Sleeping Bag, where he signed EPMD and produced for Tricky Tee and T La Rock. Simultaneously releasing his own second album - this was a hard-working man in demand!

Early track 'Ladies' here shows the blueprint for which their biggest hit would soon follow.

Download: Mantronix - Ladies

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You have no excuse now that most of their albums are only a fiver each!

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