Sunday, 20 May 2007

Digital Dog: Remixers/Producers of Glitchy Electro

A Remixer/Producer type, Digital Dog's first original production on commercial release is the single from Therese. You might recognise her name as that of the guest singer from those Stonebridge songs. No? Well it's her anyway. Her of 'Put Em High' fame.

Therese's debut single is actually nothing like the music that she's guested on, and it's all the better for it - Feelin Me is a great slice of glitchy Electro-Pop.

There's an album coming out for this young lady fairly soon, with more work produced by Digital Dog, along with a few collaborations with the aforementioned Stonebridge, and with Thomas Gold. Looks like Positiva are looking after her pretty well for a Dance Act, and if they play their cards right, she could become pretty damn successful in a Dannii Minogue-circa-2005 way. Neon Lights See My... Obviously sounds Dannii-esque as a title, and to be fair I'm not sure who this is produced by, but it does have a similar sound to Feelin' Me so is most probably another Digital Dog one. Interestingly, she uses the line 'hooked on you' in both tracks. Maybe she's trying to make this her 'signature line', much like Mary J Blige did with 'No More Drama'?
Download: Therese - Feelin Me
Download: Therese - Neon Lights See My...
View: The video for Feelin' Me

Another person to benefit from the Digital Dog treatment is Sophie Ellis-Bextor, with her last single 'Catch You', which was the Comeback one, allegedly, but didn't seem to do much damage to the public conscious, as far as I could tell(?) Anyway, the Dog's rework of the song has slower vocals than the original radio edit, and is in the same Glitchy-Electro vein.
Download: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Catch You (Digital Dogs Club Mix)

Sophie's new album Trip The Light Fantastic is in the shops now - and in my opinion, the album constitutes the best work she's ever done, and thoroughly deserves to be a huge hit. If you've heard the two singles Catch You and Me And My Imagination, they only tell half the story, as the most interesting tracks are still the album tracks. So as a special gift, I'm offering a track from said album. New York City Lights is probably closer to Catch You than the sebsequent single, but has an electronic feel to it as well (why would it be in this blog otherwise?) whilst still being a great Pop Song through and through.
Download: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - New York City Lights
Buy: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Trip the Light Fantastic from (£8.99 inc P&P)

And Finally, we have Pink. Yes, Pink does often annoy me with all her claiming to be 'Not Here for Your Entertainment' (You're a pop singer for a living you stupid girl, of course you're here for our entertainment), and professing to not be one of those awful slutty megastars in 'Stupid Girls' (then what were you doing dressed like that in the Lady Marmalade video you hypochrite), but I digress...
The Digital Dog mix of Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) is as commercial as everything else she's done, except it's good. Enough said really.
Download: Pink - Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) (Digital Dog Radio Edit)

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Dancemusicaddict said...

Feelin' Me is great, but it's not her first debut song. Don't forget her song called "Time" that was pretty big in 2004 or 2005 I believe.

In addition to two songs with Stonebridge "Put Em High" and "Take Me Away", she also did a duet with a band called The Attic for a song called "The Arrival" last year. Check them all out.