Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kissy Sell Out

Kissy Sell Out is a one-man DJ/Producer team with an album just out (Yes, this was yet another of my famed trips to Vinyl Exchange, paying about £3 from a random promo in the Electro section). He hails from Essex here in the UK, and has remixed everyone from Gwen Stefani to the Human League to Datarock to The Noisettes. In 2009, Mixmag described him as "one of the most exciting, charismatic and entertaining DJs of the decade" - gret praise indeed!

The album Youth took over a year to make and is inspired by his childhood memories of growing up in Essex, UK. It contains 11 tracks, 3 of which are instrumental and includes a long-awaited full length version of "Harriet" - a track Kissy wrote about missing his younger cousin while she was at university. To my ears, Kissy Sell Out's music has that distorted electro-rock sound of Justice, but with far better tunes and a lot more vocals. The album is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish, and really has hardly any filler in there.

Download: Kissy Sell Out - Garden Friends
Hervé ft Kissy Sell Out - Everybody

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